Supporting Open Ecosystems for Data Science and AI Innovation


A unified data infrastructure for building ecosystems that bring together data, algorithms, models, and computational resources so that users can combine them to ease the development of novel applications.

Funded by BIFOLD, TU Berlin, and DFKI


Unified Asset Access logo

Unified Asset Access

Managing Heterogeneous Assets
Open Asset Sharing logo

Open Asset Sharing

Offering Assets to a Broader Audience
Secure Asset Sharing logo

Secure Asset Sharing

Asset Policy Compliant
Foster Innovation logo

Foster Innovation

Combining Assets to Novel Applications
DS & AI Pipelines logo

DS & AI Pipelines

Bringing Data and Algorithms Together
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Suggesting Relevant Assets to Users
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Dynamic Ecosystems

Building Highly-Distributed Environments
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Scalable Execution

Providing a Flexible Execution Layer
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Federated Analytics

Running Tasks over Multiple Sources